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Feb 14, 2020, Police applied for a binding warrant on the 12th, leaving the production team of the alleged voting operation "Idol School." . .

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Nov 14, 2019, Some of the voting operations in Season 1 where Ann PD, IOI was born, and Season 2 where WANNA ONE was born, were restrained due to alleged voting operations in the PRODUCE series. .
● The Korean police are also investigating “Idol School”. .

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Oct 07, 2019, The “power harassment dispute” broke out due to the exposure of Idol School Lee Hae In.
● Comparison photos of the dormitory are also Hot Topic ● Korea reaction is “I am sure it 's a pink version of the army camp” “Voting operation should be blamed, but I do n't think it 's hungry or cold” "I should have canceled the contract." "So what if the power harassment is the army?"

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Oct 07, 2019, [Literal Translation] The last part of the exposure. Idol School Lee Hae In's midnight SNS.

Finally, leaving other participants of the surviving former member who was well known with me, I was wondering what Tei was thinking when taking a two-shot.

Like the story that came out in the news during this period, from around May.

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Oct 07, 2019, [Literal Translation] SNS for Idol School Lee Hae In. Continued.

In addition, there were times when I was shooting to shoot the TV Series scenes, such as wanting to say “the song is good” on the rhythm without any music, or just looking back and laughing.

In addition, during the shooting, the number of participants who received the Exclusive Contract was about 41, not all 41, unlike in the article (interviewed with the production team). If it is alleged that everyone has made a contract, I think it would be good if the account history with the contract money transferred is made public.

In response to a soothing situation (the production team) calling a certain participant who said he wanted to debut the day before the last day I fell at Idol School, but didn't want to (debut) I thought it was going to fall. Without knowing, when I arranged the feeling of omission in advance and finished the stage preparation for the next day, I thought that it would be the last stage of my life and went up to the stage.

I was 11th and dropped out as expected. I would like to ask the production team who gave me the microphone. In the audition program that chooses up to 9th place, what is the reason that made me feel like a dropout that no one else had made me 11th place, not 10th place?

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Oct 07, 2019, Continuation of Literal Translation. Idol School 11th place luck Lee Hae In, SNS exposure contents late at night.


The truth will be clear in police investigations.

It is a fact that we have been asked not to participate in the controversial audition of 3,000 people from the beginning.

If the production staff wants to say that everyone has participated, I would like to ask if the video of the primary audition can be released.

The broadcast date was different from the actual camp start date. While I'm filming the program, I'll only tell you what I know as a fact, except for my guesses.

Idol School When I was preparing for the “Mr. Mister” competition, I prepared for the competition to choose the first place in the team like the PRODUCE 101 position battle, but suddenly on the stage of the performance, The competition rules have changed not to confrontation but to team confrontation.

The other team performance “Catarena” co-starred in the lip sync with the partner in the live dance position.

In the new song mission, which was the last live broadcast mission, after I fell in the audition about the song, the people who dropped me directly said that the production team opposed me, and I heard that I was sorry. .

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Oct 07, 2019, [Literal Translation] Idol School's 11th plA.C.E Lee Hae In, midnight SNS content. Literal Translation.

Up to now, hesitated how to talk and how to act appropriately, and now he is worried about how to communicate his position without a company background. Write a sentence.

It wasn't a good case, so I felt like I didn't want to mention it anymore, but I no longer wanted to talk about me through my father or others, so I told the facts directly. I wanted.

In the story that was communicated through acquaintances through the mass media, exaggeration and secondary interpretation of someone seems to be included.

In fact, I'm a person who doesn't know if there was an operation (voting) or not.

And I don't know if that is an important part of my life.

A lot of time I felt that life was not fair to everyone, and apart from this time, I had the opportunity to meet fans who supported me while doing various short activities. Like that luck to me,

I just spend the opportunity of Idol School just LUDA thinking that I couldn't catch it.

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Oct 07, 2019, Following his father, Lee Hae In's SNS is Hot Topic in Korea. .
● 19th in the audition program "PRODUCE101" Season 1. Debut Team Missed IOI and worked as an IBI member ● 11th in the audition program “Idol School”. Missed Debut Team fromis_9 but signed contract with the audition sponsoring company ● Self-exposed situation before and after appearing on audition program

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Oct 04, 2019, Lee Hae In's father who appeared in "Idol School" ran out in the community.
● In the middle of the program, the debut members were not decided, but an exclusive contract was signed with an affiliated company.
● The CJENM side promised to make a debut even if it dropped out, but the debut story was pear.
● The contract cancellation was late and wasted time. .

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Sep 02, 2019, Investigate PRODUCEX101's "suspicion of operation", jump to Mnet production audition program.
● The police secured a breakdown of votes for the four seasons of the PRODUCE series.
● Idol School, ShowMeTheMoney, SuperStarK's voting breakdown is also being investigated.

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