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Mar 17, 2020, IOI former member Se Jeong, about TWICE.
● I am a prolonged character when falling into a slump. Back home, I made my own time. I talked to my mother, but I couldn't resolve it.
● TWICE JIHYO led me to “let's go play”. JIHYO is good at looking on others and friendly.
● I refused, "I can't play even if I go." However, JIHYO said ‪ "If you are alone, let's go together". When we went on a trip, I could switch my mind a little. ‬

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Mar 07, 2020, . . [T Official] IOI former member gugudan Se Jeong SEJEONG, 1st MINI ALBUM [Plant] teaser.
● 2020. 3. 17 6PM (KST)

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Feb 28, 2020, [Literal Translation] IOI former member WekiMeki Yujeong, "Q & A where personality appears" on fans and SNS is Hot Topic. .
● Q: Are there any artist concerts you would like to visit?
● A: I'm TWICE senior ww
● Q: Do you like IU?
● A: No, I love you.

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Feb 22, 2020, IOI former member WekiMeki Yujon-style delivery application utilization method, prompt case occurrence. .
● In the delivery application "Request to the store: Please draw Kaonashi on the receipt"
● The shop you really drew is now Hot Topic. Moreover, a wonderful work. .
● If you do this in UBER EATS in Japan, it will be a “nuisance controversy”. . .

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Feb 22, 2020, IOI former member WekiMeki Yujeong, pros and cons of “Delivery App”.
● Every time you place an order, the remarks column reads “Draw a bear”. ● The shop that first drew a bear replied, “This picture is my best.” .
● Yoo Jeong became happy and said, "Thank you.
* In Korea, the pros and cons of “business obstruction vs warm”. .

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Jan 22, 2020, [Official sbp] [Debut] “Yes, I love it! I.O.I_ Let's go!” I.O.I - If the cherry blossoms fall + Dream Girls

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Jan 11, 2020, IOI former member WekiMeki Choi Yu-jeong releases his own radiographs.
-Confess the direction of the rarely extending "wisdom tooth".
● I'm worried about tooth extraction and I'm consulting with an experienced fan. . .

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Dec 28, 2019, IOI former member gugudan Se Jeong has been selected as the 99th most beautiful face of 2019. .
-First appearance. .

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Nov 27, 2019, IOI former member gugudan Kim Se Jeong, solo comeback after 3 years.
● Teaser for new song “Tunnel”.
● "Flower Road" (prod. By ZICO), produced by Block B Zico, was a big hit three years ago. .
● To be released on December 2nd at 6pm.

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Nov 05, 2019, 【W Official】 VMOVIE, “Yuni ni” Kim Heui Ae X IOI former member Kim SoHye X Song Yubin V Live

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