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Jun 26, 2019, iKON JU-NE, removal of former YH Entertainment representative Yang Hyun Suk's account from Instagram follow list is a Hot Topic. The account of the withdrawn B.I is being followed as it is.

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Jun 23, 2019, [Official jte] The final of Stage K is a Japan-US confrontation. IKON of the United States, "DUMB & DUMBER" stage. .

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Jun 23, 2019, [Official jte] iKON of the United States, "SINOSIJAK". .

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Jun 21, 2019, The prosecutors 'department will investigate former iKON B.I. (Kim Han Bin)'s “drug use misappropriation” and “YG entertainment and police cohersion” suspicion. Whether or not the truth will be known attracts attention.

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Jun 21, 2019, "Drug Princess", returning from Japan. It is only the character of "Korea" in the state of the late-night return home that was released by oneself.
● In 2016, I handed the drug LSI to iKON BI and solicited cannabis to BIGBANG TOP.
● In 2017, 3 years in prison, 4 years in probation.
● In 2019, I am angry with the processing of "BURNING SUN" in BIGBANG VI, and "the secret of YG" is exposed to the National Interest Committee and the media.
‪ ● YG founder "Yansa" is dismissed from YG. Moth
‪ ● We raise suspicion of adhesion with police, prosecution and YGG
‪ ● In a situation where all of this is protected by law as a provider of public interest information. . Moth
‪ ※ This return home may be "pandora's box". . ‬

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Jun 18, 2019, iKON BI affair, "Prosecutor's position" that the police handed over the investigation of "Drug Princess". "It was impossible to investigate because she was crying too much."
● On August 30, 2016, the drug princess who appeared with a YG lawyer overturned the statement.
● Immediately after, "the police" handed the investigation data to "the prosecutor's office".
● Prosecutor's Office called the drug princess. However, there is no record of that time. The prosecution explains that “it was impossible to investigate because she was crying too much”.
● "It was difficult for police to investigate to compete with the prosecution."
※ Police in crisis with "YG and police adhesion" theory tossed the ball to "prosecutors" . .

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Jun 17, 2019, iKON B.I, the investigation team is "16" police officers.
● The first group investigates BI's drug purchases and drug allegations.
● The second group investigates "YG Yangsa" Yang Hyun Suk's alleged investigation interference.
● The third group investigates YG's alleged adhesion with the police.
Investigation starts with dividing the team into three groups.
● The police plans to adjust the investigation schedule with the information provider's “drug princess”
● However, drug princess says “I can not trust the police. I would like to be investigated by the prosecutors, not the police”

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Jun 17, 2019, Movie parody poster of YG's "affair" is a Hot Topic in Korea.
● "YG Yangsa" Yang Hyun Suk: If it is detected, send him to Japan to remove components.
● "Drug Princess" Han Seo Hee: In the meantime, you will go as far cocaine. It is serious.
● iKON BI: Because I want to be a genius.

※ The catchphrase of the virtual movie is "more medicine will come in summer 2019". The title is "pharmacy".

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Jun 17, 2019, 【G Official】 Confess their position against “Drug Princess”, YG Yanza and iKON BI via SNS.

I do not appeal to you for the reduction of punishment. Because, in August 2016 LSD use and cannabis incident, in October 2016 (BIGBANG) with the cannabis incident that was done with TOP is annexed, it is in the midst of being already atone for sin. It is an annexed case.

I am not a "drug" but a "drug". I paid for it, bought it from the dealer C at that price, and told Kim Han Bin (iKON BI) at that same price.

It is said that it is a "sales policy", but it is not a "sales policy" if you think carefully. I have never profited financially. It should be clear through the right interview. If re-investigation is done for "grant", respond to investigation in good faith.

The part I am concerned about is the part threatened by Jan Hyun Suk (YG Jangsa) directly intervening in this case, police adhesions etc. is the core point, but just because the information provider is me, I just I am worried that my focus is concentrated.

I would like you to see this case as a "separate" person with me. . .

And it would be strange to talk about this now. . I stopped Kim Han Bin (iKON BI) until the end. Until the end, do not (drug).

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Jun 16, 2019, "YG Yansa" Mr. Yang Hyun Suk, Korean police compose "the team in charge".
● Investigation begins on the charges against "Drug Princess" and "crime concealment" charges.
● If the allegations are proved, there is the possibility of “three years imprisonment” or “five million won or less fine”.
● Gyeonggi Southern Regional Police Agency, as "the policy to investigate in connection with various suspicions raised in the media such as suspicion of drug use of iKON BI, external pressure of YG, presence or absence of adhesion with police," There is.

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