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Jun 23, 2019, “Mother of BTS” Bang Si Hyuk appears at Seoul Fan Meeting.
● “University of Korea in Korea” Seoul University former member. He was scouted by JYPJ Y Park and became a producer of JYP.
● BigHit established independently from JYP. To "Father of BTS".
● To "Mother of BTS" with the statement "I hate my father even though I am not married".

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Jun 23, 2019, Result of lecture of BTS V for actor Park BoGum, . Unveiled at Fan Meeting. .
● "BOY WITH LUV" that the best friend V taught to him.

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Jun 23, 2019, BTS, "Ekubo Oji" is Hot Topic. .
● Fan Meeting in Korea Seoul

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Jun 21, 2019, Busan's love for BTS, then.
● V who visited Busan at Fan Meeting walks in the park.
● During the walk, the administrator places a sign at the place where the commemorative photo was taken. ● Moreover, today, it is installed up to the information board which recorded the V's walk course. .
※ We may be treated more than "international class"!

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Jun 20, 2019, BTS, "Pusan love" is Hot Topic.
● At the last Fan Fan meeting, V will take a walk in the "City Park". Publish photos to SNS.
● The manager of the park noticed quickly made "memorial signs" installed and set up ● The engraved contents are "BTS BTS" V ", the place of photography". .
※ Among members, JIMIN and Jung Kook are Busan former member.

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Jun 20, 2019, BTS, the content of the Australian program that has been an "official apology request". .
1. The presenter says "the biggest boy band you have never heard".
2. "I was surprised that only one member was able to speak English but was ranked #1 on the US chart"
3. Intentionally play the scene of "sound disconnection" as a source video.
4. The presenter ironically that BTS's UN speech was about "hair products".
‪5. Describes Fan ARMY as "crazy".
‪6. When asked "BTS is gay", it is explained that fan ARMY has become "Mad". He explained that it is "Math" that “one of the seven men is gay”.

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Jun 20, 2019, An Australian program "20 to One" that has treated BTS with a "racist" manner.
● The fans are requesting "official apology" from the broadcasting company and the broadcasters.

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Jun 20, 2019, BTS fans are protesting against Australian National Broadcasting Channel 9 .
● The show "20 to One" treated BTS with a racist manner.
● Requesting "Official apology".

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Jun 20, 2019, BTS, "Save ME" MV plays more than 400 million times. In total, the fourth in excess of 400 million. .

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Jun 19, 2019, BTS JIMIN, "Can I get younger with just a hat?"

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