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Jan 14, 2020, [V Official] EXO _ _ Chen is getting married! Our reporters talk about his career and fan reaction

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Jan 14, 2020, EXO SUHO is holding a musical "Laughing Man" press call. . .

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Jan 14, 2020, Kyuhyun (SUPER JUNIOR), EXO A musical called "laughing man" starring Suho.
● The first public place for EXO members after the announcement of the shock of EXO Chen.
-The media received the attention, but there was no interview with Suho. .
● Photo time. .

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Jan 14, 2020, [G Official] EXO _ Sehun, please collect vitamins and have a cold.

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Jan 14, 2020, The impact of EXO Chen's electric shock announcement?
-Musical [Laughing Man] starring Super Junior Kyuhyun and EXO Suho
-More than 13,000 people are watching the live broadcast of the press call STREAM.
-An unusual number for a musical. .

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Jan 14, 2020, [Literal Translation] EXO Chen's fan-made “program prediction” is popular in Korea. Below, Literal Translation.

-Teaser of the real program "Superman is back": EXO Chen, EXO from the national singer EXO, came back as a dad.
● (Background music is "Growl")
● (Voiceover: Today is the day when EXO Ojisans come to Chuncheon's house!)
● (Subtitles: Chen father busy since morning!)
● Cheng: Chuncheon, uncles are coming today. Do you know your uncle?
● Chong Chun: Yeah! ! Uncle, you buy sweets!
● Cheen: Will you buy Chuncheon sweets?
● (Ping ~ Pong ~)
● Jangyeol: Jungchon!
● Chong Chong: Uncle! ! ! !
● (Fun conversation continues.)
● (Suddenly sad BGM flows)
● (Subtitles: stories you can do now.)
● Chen: When I started talking about getting married. . I'm sorry. . With our members. . With fans. .
Suho: But Chen, we all supported you. .
● (Voiceover: Chung Chong's father, Chen!)
● Chen: I remember the time of GRAWL. .
Chong Chong: Daddy, do you cry? !
● Jangyeol: No, Jungchon! Daddy is a cool guy but he doesn't cry! Why don't we all dance on Growl?
● (The program ends with everyone dancing “Growl.”)

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Jan 14, 2020, [V Official] Chento become the first EXO _ _ member to get married!

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Jan 14, 2020, EXO Chen's lightning strike “pregnancy marriage”, Korean SNS is in dispute.
1st place, "EXO protect"
2nd place, "Kim Jong Dae _ Leave it", Chen's real name
3rd place, "New Year Press Conference"
4th place, "HappyKaiDay", today is EXO Kai's birthday. . .

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Jan 14, 2020, [T Official] EXO, #HappyKAIDay🎂🎉 ⠀⠀⠀
#200114 #EXO #EXO #KAI #Kai.

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Jan 14, 2020, EXO Chen, management office “SM Entertainment” commented on the report “The wedding ceremony on the day of marriage announcement”.
● “Reporting that Chen had a wedding ceremony today at the Catholic Church is nonsense”
●But no comment on the "7 months pregnant" rumor or "boy" rumor.

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