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Mar 15, 2019, Soccer Korea Rep. Song Hung Min (Tottenham affiliation), "Sexual voyeur · dissemination," ties between controversial singer Jung JoonYoung on SNS have been cut. Unfollowed Instagram.

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Mar 15, 2019, 【W Official】 Jung JoonYoung, “Golden phone was submitted as it is”. After an all-night investigation by the police, he came home.

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Mar 14, 2019, [W Official] STARNEWS, ★ Suspected sex voyeur (JEONG JUN YOUNG) Jung JoonYoung, The video of the appearance site near the police station ★

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Mar 14, 2019, [W Official] Jung JoonYoung, the appearance of the police appearance site.

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Mar 14, 2019, Jung JoonYoung, reported to the Seoul Regional Police Agency. . .

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Mar 14, 2019, BIGBANG VI incident, 10 o'clock today, VI and Jung JOOnYoung, Mr. Yu will be summoned by the police. .
● Yu is the actress Park Han Byeul's husband ● He is the person who established the club "Burning Sun" operating company with VI ● Last night at 8:00, he was mentioned in the main news of the broadcasting station SBS. Asked the "Police General" that FTISLAND Jung Hoon drunk driving would not be reported.

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Mar 13, 2019, Singer Jung JoonYoung plans to confirm drug use allegations. The chief of the police agency comment.

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Mar 13, 2019, The public interest commission asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the sharing(distributing) of voyeur sexual videos in KakaoTalk group chats where BIGBANG VI (Sunli),singer Jung Joong Young and others participated,plus the suspected police cover-up.

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Mar 13, 2019, Singer Jung JoonYoung, "extreme" Kakao talk with the acquaintances. Jung Joon Young calls himself "scum".
February 28th, 2016
Jung JoonYoung: Sends Video
Singer Lee: Who is it? LOL
Jung JoonYoung: Someone I did 'it' with immediately after meeting at the bar. I'm scum lol
Singer Lee: Enjoy it as much as you like when you can.

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Mar 13, 2019, "Voyeur of a part of the body" Jung Joon Young's "Golden Phone" case. The reason why the police are searching the cell phone repair company.
-The presence of "golden phone" which was mentioned in the TV program of January 2016 is the topic. The golden cell phone was used as the dedicated phone for the chat application "KAKAO TALK". The contents were described as the "Pokemon illustrated book" like(which means everyone is there).
● In September 2016, a woman sued Jung JoonYoung of voyeuring “part of my body”. Took leaves from all the appearing programs and took sometime for self-reflection.
● Since then, the woman withdrew the case, "I do not wish to punish him" filed the petition ● The police investigated "Golden Phone", and stated that "We asked the repair company to restore the data but it failed" , and submitted the certificate issued by the repair company.
● As the result, the investigation ended as "no case"
● In March 2019, the case of BIGBANG VI who was good friend of Jung Joon Young sparked and the police re-opened the "golden phone" case investigating the repair company whether "the certificate of the phone data being unrecoverable" was true.

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