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Apr 08, 2019, Jung JoonYoung "voyeurism" case, "the scenes in which he was erased" is Hot Topic.
-A variety show that was on record just before the incident. Contents of six celebrities traveling abroad ● Jung JoonYoung was erased through trimming and CG editing.
-The scene filled with the color of the wall was a great success, but the half head of EXID HANI was a disaster
‪ ※ NHK troubled by Pierre's drug case, I want you to refer to this. ‬

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Apr 05, 2019, It has been called "death note" in Korea, as singer Jung JoonYoung and members who had chatted at KakaoTalk have emerged one after another as participants in "illegal video." .

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Apr 03, 2019, Jung JoonYoung "Voyeurism incident", a further jump.
● Last night, singer Roy Kim report.
● The names and chat contents of other celebrities who entered the group chat room were reported last night at midnight.
● SUPER JUNIOR former member Singer Kang Yin etc.

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Mar 29, 2019, The JTBC variety "hit maker" VOD service that Jung JOOnYoung had appeared also suspended. .

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Mar 29, 2019, Reports that 14 people participated in the group chat room of VI and Jung JoonYoung. Eight singers, Mr. Model L, YURI holding representative, two MD members of the club Burning Sun, and friends of Jung JoonYoung participated.

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Mar 29, 2019, [W Official] Jung JoonYoung, being sent to the prosecutor's office.

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Mar 29, 2019, Jung Joon Young, sent to the prosecutor's office today (29th).

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Mar 29, 2019, "Golden phone" Jung JoonYoung, reports of police investigation progress.
● Voyeur of female body. Late-night chat in group chat
● Additional shooting locations discovered such as "hotel in Taiwan" "an apartment" "bar" "on a plane" etc

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Mar 28, 2019, The progress of the BIGBANG VI case and police investigation is reported.
● The last conversation in "group chat" is the story of VI "It's hard. Replace all mobile phones."
● From then on, VI, Jung JOOnYoung, and FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon replaced their smartphones, and submitted new calls for police investigation.
● The police are under investigation as "the destruction of evidence". . .

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Mar 26, 2019, “Orchan” former member Creator, exposes Jung JOOnYoung's past arrested for sexual video voyeur. "A person who is crazy about sexual relations with women, it is already sick." . .

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