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Jun 13, 2019, "Steady video distribution" singer Jung JoonYoung, the investigation in 2016 was a police officer and a lawyer's conspiracy.
● In 2016, women accused singer Jung JoonYoung in voyeur.
● At the time, police officer A said that "It's easy to lose the smartphone" to the lawyer B of Jung JoonYoung
● Attorney B said that he lost Jung's smartphone and kept it in his safe for over 2 years.
● "BURNING SUN" incident of BIGBANG VI of good friend jumps on Jung JoonYoung. Re-examine the past incidents.
● Police officer A is sent to the prosecutor by "Delegation of duties" "False official writing".
● Attorney B is sent to the prosecutor's office, for example, for the "destruction of evidence."

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May 25, 2019, "The curse of the show" is not complete yet.
-Performers of the real program "I live alone" from the next, the case is discovered.
● The history of "school violence" was discovered yesterday to members of the band Jannabi who appeared recently, and withdrawal is announced.
-Suspected to the same Jannabi vocal today. Testimony that there were "Yaruse" and "Poverty cosplay" at the time of program shooting.
● The father of the vocal is the owner of a mid-sized company. Also reports of bribery parties in the case of bureaucratic corruption cases in Korea.
※ Jung JoonYoung, Eddy Kim, Roy Kim, BIGBANG VI, Rapper's Microdot., CJAM, etc. who have appeared until now have already been arrested, convicted or convicted of crime, and they retire or leave the entertainment world.

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May 25, 2019, "The Curse of the Show" Hot Topic in Korea. . Real program "I live alone", cast performers from the next to the next and the negative "people at the time" ● Jung JOOnYoung and best friends, "Voyeur distribution" incident ● rapper Microdot. Clarification ● BIGBANG VI, outbreak of the “BURNING SUN” incident ● Jannabi, a member of “school violence” detection.

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May 14, 2019, 【Official sbe】 Jung JoonYoung, who appeared in the court in a clean figure, sentencing? @ "Access Showbiz Tonight" 109 times 20190514 published.

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May 10, 2019, Jung JoonYoung illegal filming of sexual relationships, attends the trial preparation date. Jung JoonYoung, short hair.

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May 01, 2019, Former FTISLAND Choi Jong-hoon, the history of allegations of "group rape".
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department summons Choi Jong-hoon privately at 1 pm on April 30. 12 hours investigation until 1 am on May 1st.
● Singer Jung Joon Young who has already been charged with probation also summons investigation.

※ There are 2 charges of investigation today.
● Suspected a group rape of women at a resort in Gangwon-do in January 2016
● Suspected a group rape of women in Daegu in March 2016

※ Background that women insist
● After having a drink together, I lost my memory.
● When I noticed the next morning, I was lying naked in the hotel bed.
● At that time, I left the hotel without knowing the situation.
● Recently, after the "Burning Sun" incident, the group chat was reported and I thought that I might have been raped.
● I asked a lawyer who made a “Utility Report” for the contents of the group chat, and confirm that six photos of the situation at that time and one voice recording file exist as the contents of the group chat.

※ Choi Jong Hoon's statement
● "Group chat" members are Jung Joon Young, staff of the club "Burning Sun" Kim, Heo and entrepreneur Park.
● It is true that I was drinking alcohol with the woman. However, there was no sexual assault or rape.

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Apr 25, 2019, Jung JOOnYoung-Former BIGBANG VI (Sung-ri)-Former FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon's friendship travel was "crime travel," reported by the Korean media.
Taking pictures of sex related videos on Jung JOOnYoung & Sunri's trip to Taiwan and distributing them, it is said that group rape by KakaoTalk chat members reached crime in Gangwon-do trip. . .

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Apr 23, 2019, [Official sbe] Jung JoonYoung, phone interview of victim A who was beaten by Choi Jung-hoon @ "Access Showbiz Tonight" 106 times published 20190423.

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Apr 19, 2019, Jung Joon Young, first trial next month on the 10th.

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Apr 19, 2019, The amazing technology of the Korean variety show! tvN "Can I eat it locally? America," Jung JoonYoung sat in the assistant seat, but he did not appear on the air. In a sense, forged video is unlimited! ?
※ Singer Jung JoonYoung is banned from appearing on air after being arrested for “secretly filming sexual relationships” and “distributing it”. This program is a reality program filmed in the US just before being arrested in Korea.

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