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Dec 02, 2019, [T Official] Block B, [📷] U-KWON 1st Single Album [RISE UP] Teaser 4

RELEASE 2019. 12. 3 6PM

#RISE_UP #FUEGO #Block B #BLOCKB #Right #UKWON #Peace like Reggae River #RGP #Kunta #Koonta

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Nov 27, 2019, VIBE side, filed a complaint against Block B Pak Kyung for “Alleged Remarks on MP3 Purchase” on SNS. .
● Prosecuted for breach of information and communication network law including defamation due to misrepresentation of false facts.
● Comments are also being prepared for the creators of comments, Internet communities, social networking bulletins, and insulting malicious comments on their families.

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Nov 26, 2019, Block B Pak Kyung's management office announces the official position on the legal response of artists whose real names were exposed by “sound source purchase remarks”.
● If legal proceedings are carried out, appoint a legal counsel and respond in good faith.
● However, this case triggered a hoax about the situation of the sound source chart, and hopes to fundamentally solve the structural problem. .

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Nov 26, 2019, Block B Pak Kyung talks about live affairs about affair in “sounding out of sound source”. .
-Appeared on the "Dream Dream Radio" of MBC radio FM4U on the 25th.
● “I would have been worried a lot on the weekend, but today I will do my best as a DJ,” commented. .

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Nov 25, 2019, Block B Pak Kyung, strong headwind of “buy-out sniper”. .
● On the morning of the 24th, they named senior and junior singers on SNS and criticized “buying sound sources”.
● In the afternoon of the 24th, the management office “apologies”
● As of the 25th, VIBE, Lim JaeHee, and Son Ha YENA, who have been named, teaser legal action or prosecution charges for “Dissemination of False Facts” and “Defamation”. .

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Nov 24, 2019, [Literal Translation] Block B
● This morning, suspicion of “buying mp3s” was raised on SNS. The real names of seniors such as Vibe are released.
● “Breeze” as if it were a “martyrland”.
● Below is the full text of Literal Translation for the announcement today.

Annyeong Haseyo
SEVEN SEASONS (management office).

First of all, I'm sorry to inform you of a sudden schedule change. I would like to apologize to all the BBC (fan club) who were scheduled to participate in the fans autographing session.

The fans autographing session scheduled for 6pm today will be postponed due to internal circumstances.

We ask BBC members who have been waiting for the fan autographing session to understand again and apologize for not being able to proceed as scheduled.

Please note that the dates for the postponed fans autographing session may change depending on the situation.

If it is difficult to participate in fans autographing session due to schedule changes, refunds can be made through the sales office.

Details will be announced through future announcements.

Thank you very much.

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Nov 19, 2019, [T Official] Block B, [📢] Park Kyung SPECIAL TICKET event guide

In 2019, we will have a special event for you with wonders.
Check through the images and links for more details!

#Block B #BLOCKB #Park Kyung #PARKKYUNG

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Nov 18, 2019, Hot Topic is the reaction of Block B PO when we saw the members of “Shinsai Yuki 7” members who do not know Kyuhyun's (SUPER JUNIOR) solo song. . .

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Nov 16, 2019, [Japanese Sub] Block B former member ZICO and the new song “Extreme” lyrics are Hot Topic in Korea. .
● "I've never seen a video like that, swear to god."
● Hot Topic as the answer to the suspicion of “Golden Phone” related to Jung JoonYoung.

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Nov 15, 2019, [G Official] Block B_ former member ZICO, ⠀
Behind The Scenes | THINKING Jacket Shooting Site ⠀

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