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Oct 15, 2019, Sudden death of KARA former member Ku Hara, best friend SULLI who is staying in Japan. SNS memorial with photos of memories of two people.
● “In that world, Jinri (SULLI's real name) wants to do it.”

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Oct 15, 2019, The late SULLI, “666 rumor” and “Illuminati rumor” is Hot Topic in Korea. .
● She died on the 666th day after SM senior SHINee Jong Hyun's death. The late Jong Hyun died on December 18, 2017.
● Her single album“Goblin”. "666" is hidden in the title font of the jacket.
● Rumors that past SNS photos released by SULLI mean Illuminati's symbols “All-eye” and “Providence Eye”.

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Oct 14, 2019, A storm of bad comments on the late SULLI fan, former dating partner Dynamic Duo Chesa.
● "You killed, tempt a girl who knows nothing, even though there is a difference in age"
● “If you go out, you should protect it like an adult. Use SULLI to announce such vulgar songs”
● "Isn't she humiliated such a cute child in front of the masses, and isn't guilty?"

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Oct 14, 2019, A celebrity who is close to the late SULLI. IU and KARA former member Ku Hara fans are upset. .
● The three close friends also made public the appearance of enjoying a home party at SULLI's home.
● SULLI appeared in the IU blockbuster TV Series “Hotel Deluna”.
● There are many fans who are worried about the shock of the death of their best friend. .

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Oct 14, 2019, Actor Ahn JaeHyeon, SNS on the death of SULLI.
● "It's different, isn't it ... right, isn't it? The Internet ... the article is strange" " "I'm funny, how is it? I'm funny."
● Co-starred in the movie “Fashion King”.
● Participation in famous brand events in July.

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Oct 14, 2019, Due to the death of SULLI, schedules for SM artists and other groups were completely cancelled.
● Completely cancel record of superM's SP program “SuperM the Beginning”. The debut song "Jopping" is postponed for the first time in Japan ● Super Junior's LIVE STREAM is canceled ● f(x) former member Amber: “We postpone future activities.
● Actress Kim You Jung: Canceled photo call event of cosmetic brand ● Cancel N.Flying's scheduled comeback showcase on 15th.
● Cancel SF9 Internet LIVE STREAM.

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Oct 14, 2019, Late SULLI, the last appearance is "night of malicious comment". .
● 2005, debuted as an actress as a child of the TV Series “Seodongyo”.
● In 2009, debuted as a singer as an f(x) member.
● In 2014, appealed for the pain of malicious comments and stopped performing arts activities.
● In 2015, withdraw from f(x) saying “I want to concentrate on acting”.
● Currently, he was appearing as an MC on the program “Night of Bad Comment”, which talks about entertainers' thoughts about malicious comments.

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Oct 14, 2019, SULLI passed away. She was 25 years old. .
● Her manager discovered her dead in her own house.
● Reported to the police on 3:21 pm, Oct 14th. The police and ambulance team were dispatched to confirm the death.
● The manager stated that “She was suffering from severe depression.”. .

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Oct 14, 2019, f(x) former member SULLI, was discovered dead in the afternoon of 14th. .
● Around 3:21pm, an house in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do near Seoul. A colleague found her dead and reported to the police.
● The police is investigating to see if there is any suicidal notes left by her.
● The police also investigating the possibility of being involved in some incidents. .

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Oct 14, 2019, SULLI reports to Korean police “Declaration of Death”. . .

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