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Apr 20, 2019, [G Official] JYJ _ Junsu, released a live show.

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Apr 20, 2019, 【R Official jes】 JYJ Junsu, Thank you to the fans who shared “2019 WAY BACK XIA TOUR CONCERT in JAPAN” seven times for 1280 minutes.

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Apr 20, 2019, [G Official] JYJ _ Jae Jun, published a photo with Siwan who took a walk in Couple Look.

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Apr 19, 2019, 【R Official jes】 JYJ Junsu, published photos.

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Apr 19, 2019, [G Official] JYJ _ Jae Jun, public appearance of the live.

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Apr 19, 2019, 【R Official jes】 JYJ Juns shows the photo shoot at a famous spot in Nagoya.

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Apr 19, 2019, JYJ Park Yoo Chun, the content of the additional coverage of the conflicting broadcaster "MBC" is Hot Topic. .
※ Since the main news, MBC's entertainment news program "section TV entertainment communication" reported detailed coverage. Below, the contents
● If a series of suspicions have been proved, "Legally, imprisonment of up to 5 years."
● As "milk princess" testified, "in case of forced administration to another person", the criminal law injury crime is also established, the possibility of "less than 7 years in prison" is possible.
● The police has evidence of drug dealing by Yuchun through a security camera.
● Especially Yuchun has been depilating before police investigations, allegations of evidence eradication
● Frequent staining, drying, depilation etc. are common behavior among drug users who are under investigation of drug suspicion
● Yuchun said, “I have been removing hair regularly for a part of my body since the past,” "Police has collected hair of foot including hair root and asking for a detailed examination of National forensic investigation agency".
● Police has explained "throw method" for "evidence of proof". After the drug payment is received, the seller puts the drug in a specific place, and the buyer goes to pick it up.
● Police has the video of the security camera that Yuchun receives the drug.
● The police sees the situation seriously enough that a forced investigation is necessary. Because he is a very famous entertainer, police called for cooperation in the investigation before the raid.
● Milk Princess confessed with a series of processes including drug supply, distribution, purchasing, and medication. The police sees Yuchun also involved in the process.
● In this investigation, the police seemed to have found it difficult to prove against the allegations. There is a possibility of entering into a forced investigation.
● It has been confirmed that the police is currently examining up to the stage of applying for a warrant.

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Apr 19, 2019, JYJ Yuchun "Flower Road" is a crisis of abolition.
● A road of about 200 meters in Kayyan-ku, Incheon, South Korea. Subsidized as "Pak Yoo Chun Cherry Blossom Road" in 2013.
-More than 30 texts with words recorded by Yuchun related murals, words, self-composed lyrics, starring TV Series "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", etc.-"milk princess" is "Yuchun with narcotics" Citizen protests rushed to the ward office, which is the administrator, after witnessing that they used it.
※ The following is a part of the guide sentence Literal Translation.
"The important sharing of" BLESSING Yu Chun "members who love singer and actor Park Yu Chun was born as a path of beautiful emotions and love. September 1, 2013"
※ ※ If there is no suspicion later, who will be responsible for the broken road?

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Apr 19, 2019, Jaejung (Hero JYJ), appeared onFuji TV "full power! April 19th (Fri) 23: 00-23: 40.

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Apr 19, 2019, JYJ Yuchun said, "It is a false report," for the coverage of MBC, terrestrial broadcaster. "Request for correction" in the broadcast of the main news "News Desk" on the night of the 18th.
● Coverage: "Confirming Yuchun taking drugs with a video from a security camera"
● Yuchun side: "I was definitely on the scene, but I was asked by (milk princess) and I did not think it was drugs."
‪ ● coverage: "also has needle marks and bruises on the back of the hand by injection" ‬
‪ ● Yu Chun side: "It is not a drug, just hurt with a sharp object" ‬
‪ ● coverage : "video where Yuchun wears mask for trading”

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