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Apr 02, 2020, JYJ Kim and JAEJUNG starring "Travel Buddies", considering canceling the director's television broadcast ... YouTube's released preview is on schedule. . .

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Apr 02, 2020, It is reported that JYJ JAEJUNG's April fool joke on his SNS stating that he was infected by COVID19 will not be punished according to Korea the Central Accident (Disaster) Safety Response Headquarters. It determined that his joke did not fall under the punishment provisions of the Infectious Disease Prevention Law. . .

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Apr 02, 2020, JYJ JAEJUNG is jokingly saying that the new corona infection and remarks on SNS are reported by the Central Disaster Prevention (Disaster) Safety Response Headquarters to be discussing the possibility of punishment. . .

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Apr 01, 2020, A petition requesting punishment for a joke that is too often a new type of corona infection appears on the JYJ Kim / JAEJUNG SNS appears on the Presidential Office Petition Bulletin Board. . .

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Apr 01, 2020, JYJ Kim / JAEJUNG announces on the official Japanese website that corona infection is not true.

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Apr 01, 2020, Response of Korean Internet users to the text on SNS saying JYJ JAEJUNG's new corona infection. .
● The text is not like JAEJUNG.
● Is it hacked?
● I'm not a special fan, but I want it to be hacked.

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Apr 01, 2020, JYJ JAEJUNG reveals on SNS that he has been infected with the new coronavirus. C-JeS side "Checking".

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Mar 24, 2020, [G Official] JYJ_JAEJUNG, Schwashwa

Bubbles can be shashed.

#Skin nature

#Carbonated cleansing

#skin care

#Bubble schwaschwa


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Mar 23, 2020, Kim JAEJUNG (JYJ) released two shots with Yu Shirota who appeared on the 21st FNS music special program "Spring will always come". . .

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Mar 22, 2020, [G Official] JYJ_ JAEJUNG, #Spring always comes

#Spring will surely come LUDA.

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