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Sep 18, 2018, 【G Official】 KARA_ Youngji, photo release.

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Sep 18, 2018, Attack of affair KARA former member Ku Hara, appearing at Seoul Gangnam Police Station to undergo the interrogation. 18th afternoon. Ku Hara who receives an interview of the coverage.

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Sep 18, 2018, Attack of affair KARA former member Ku Hara, appearing at Seoul Gangnam Police Station to undergo the interrogation. 18th afternoon.

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Sep 18, 2018, KARA former member Ku Hara, her ex-boyfriend went to the police station to have the investigative interview of 4 hours till midnight.
He went to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station with his attorney from 9 o'clock last night until 1 am early this morning.
● Responding to the question "What do you think about Ku · Hara's interview?" He answered "It is not ture, I came here to correct the contents of the medical examination of obstetrics and gynecology doctor." .
● "Yes" to the question "Is it OK for you to have your face exposed to the media?"
● The appearance with a hat and a mask. An adhesive bandaid to hide the wound on his face

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Sep 17, 2018, Another interview with former KARA KU HARA's ex-boyfriend Mr.C regarding Ku Hara releasing the photo and the medical diagnoses.
● After being assaulted by Ku · Hara, I got mad at receiving many scars by her assaults and contacted the press with the resentment against her.
● Ku·Hara knew very well that I could not work with the scratches on my face.
● But even so, I thought this was very unfair, and informed the police about her assaults without revealing her name.
● I dislike muddy battle like this and was waiting for Ku·Hara's phone call.
● I told Ku·Hara my intentions, and in return received her "positive response", but suddenly mass media becoming involved again, which is truly regrettable.
● I wish to reveal everything, which I have been patiently keeping to myself up until now, in the police investigation.

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Sep 17, 2018, KARA former member Ku Hara's circumstances of the 'assault case' claimed by her side. A big difference between the boyfriend C's interview in the assault part. .
● On September 10, Ku Hara had lunch with Mr. A who is an entertainer and her manager, but told her "Boyfriend" Mr. C that she had lunch with her manager alone. Mr. C found out that Mr. A was present at the lunch during a call with her manager. He felt he was deceived and got "furious".
● Ku Hara visits the hair salon where C is working to explain the circumstances of the lie in the afternoon of 12th.
※ Explanation of Ku · Hara about the lie: "Mr. C is usually very nice to me. However, whenever I mention other guys, we always ended up fighting; he becomes scary and I get frightened when my close male friends contact me. "
● Mr. C visited the house where Ku Hara and a female junior B living together drunk at 0:30 am on 13th. At that time, Ku Harara was sleeping in Ms. B's room, Mr. C entered Ms. B's room,saying "How can you sleep well at such time like now?" and punched Hara.
At 1 am on 13th, Ku Hara and Mr. C have quarreled outside Ms. B's room. The violent collision.
※ Ku · Hara's testimony: "He grabbed my hair and swinged," "He hit me with the whiteboard and threw an air purifier." "I also scrached him in the process" I got bruises on my body, my jaw hurts, and the door is broken. "
● I was threatened at 1:20 am on 13th as he was telling me "I will end your entertainer's life."
* Immediately after that, the message from "Mr. C" providing information on "Ku · Hara" to the site specializing entertainment.

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Sep 17, 2018, KARA former member Ku Hara, released "Obstetrics and gynecologic medical certificate" by herself. .
● Patient's full name: Ku · Hara
● Disease name(main injury or illness and Other abnormality: uterus and vaginal bleeding
● The above-mentioned patient is diagnosed with the above physical diagnosis and the physical assault resulting the psychological trauma which will require the treatment and rest for about 1 week.

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Sep 17, 2018, 【Literal translation】 KARA former member Ku · Hara, the circumstances of her revealing of the bruises and the medical certificate. Direct interpretation of former boyfriend's interview. .
I have never waved my fist to anyone. Furthermore, I will not do such things to women. If Ku · Hara got bruises, there would have been physical contact only when she was hitting and scratching me, then, I tried to calm her down. It is not due to my fist or other violence. I swear it.
● I am a sinner if it is sin to tell her to break up. However, it is by no means assault from both sides. We had been in love with each other for a while, but we are breaking up with such a shabby appearance, it is painful.
● I want her to think again about the reason why this happened. I just want to get a sincere apology from her.
* The picture of an air purifier and a broken frame, which her boyfriend threw at her was released by Ku Hara .

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Sep 17, 2018, KARA former member Ku Hara, a self-published "orthopedics" medical certificate.
● Patient's full name: Ku · Hara ● Disease name (clinical estimate): sprains of the cervical spine, bruises and sprains of the facial part, bruises and sprains of the lower leg, multiple sprains besides the right forearm ● Injuries Cause: Strike (due to patient's statement)
● Injured area and extent: edema and tenderness in the lower jaw of the face, difficulty in chewing, Multiple contusions in addition to the right forearm, lower leg, skin injury, Movement restriction due to multiple muscle pains

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Sep 17, 2018, KARA former member Ku Hara, the objection to her boyfriend. "It is not one-sided assault," the photos of scars are released. .
He grabbed my hair and pull me around.
He hit me with the white board and threw the air purifier.
I also scratched him in the process.
● By fighting, the bodies got bruises.
● He threatened me by saying "ending your entertainer's life".

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