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Mar 19, 2019, Departure ban ordered to "President general" suspected of adhesion with BIGBANG VI et al. Mrs. who is stationed in Malaysia will also be summoned soon. According to FTISLAND former member Choi Jung-hoon's statement, it was confirmed that Mrs. had requested a locally held K-POP ticket. .

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Mar 19, 2019, Former FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon stated that when he played golf with Yoon's chieftain at the beginning of last year, YURI Holdings' representative Yu and Park's wife Park Han Byeul were together. .

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Mar 18, 2019, FTISLAND Jung Hoon reports that they have confessed their relationship with the "Yoon Police" couple during the investigation.
● It was introduced that it is a great person of the presidential office "blue tile head". Yun and his wife, golf and food ● The policeman lived in Malaysia with his child ● Presented a ticket at the Malaysian performance.
※ Under the current Korean Law "Unauthorized Contract Prevention Law", giving over 100,000 won (approx. 10,000 yen) against civil servants is illegal. . 。

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Mar 16, 2019, FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon appeared on the morning of the 16th at Seoul Regional Police Agency. .

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Mar 15, 2019, FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon, as soon as possible tomorrow (16th) will appear for police hearing. Sharing, viewing of voyeur videos.

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Mar 14, 2019, The key person "Yu" of the BIGBANG VI case "corresponds to the hardline" to the police. . "If the police put me on the photo line, I will not respond to the police summons."
● Established "YURI Holdings" in the same business as VI, and operated the club "Burning Sun".
● "YURI" was named after the surnames of Yu and Li (VI's family name).
● Actress Park Han Byeul's husband
● FTISLAND Jong Hoon's drunken driving, Burning Sun's photo accusation, and so on, "Police General" is considered to be "consigned" himself.

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Mar 14, 2019, FTISLAND HONG-KI, today's SNS is a topic. . The first SNS after discovering that there was a “consignment” in “Police General Manager” after “Drunk Driving” detection by Member Jung Hoon.
● HONG-KI has written with meaning of "I'm giving up" along with a picture of my dog ● Some Japanese fans: "I'm not giving up!" I said that.

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Mar 14, 2019, FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon resigns from the group and retires in the entertainment world. . .

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Mar 14, 2019, FTISLAND Jung Hoon's photos after the drunk driving is a topic. .
● February 2016, drunk driving in Seoul Yongsan-gu Itaewon (Itaewon) ● A group chat with VI and Jung JoonYoung mentioned about the cover-up by “the Police Chief” ● March 2016, Went together with VI to Taiwan. The local coverage of "Having fun with a girls group in the clubs in Taiwan".

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Mar 13, 2019, [Translation] [Drank Driving] of FTISLAND Choi Jung Hoon who got a "splash" from the BIGBANG VI incident. The battle between the management office and the TV broadcaster is a topic.
Today's 4 o'clock, John Hoon's "drinking driving" was reported on the TV news.
● At 6 o'clock today, Jung Hoon's management office FNC announced that his activity will be discontinued. "Drunk driving" was addmitted but "asking the police to be quiet about it" was denied by FNC.
● At 8:00 today, SBS broadcasted "the cover-up of drank driving by the police".

※ The following is a direct translation of the group talk that SBS reported.

● John Hoon: Quoted the article "Idol group members caught up with drunk driving"
● John Hoon: Luckily I survived it with the help of XX Big Brother.
● Kim · XX: Jung Hoon, it was a good experience wasn't it? You were handcuffed and tried to escape in front of the police.
● Jung JoonYoung: Jung Hoon was supposed to be put on the front page (in the newspaper) this time
● Ho · X: It was supposed to be the large scoop ● Park · XX: You may have become famous
● John Hoon: How could it be possible to be in the article ? Do you know it was quietly handled?
● Kim · XX: Quietly? Do you know how CEO Yu took care of it?
● VI: Don't expect that the next drunk driving will be also taken care. Since the older brother XX gave his own money to solve the issue
● Kim XX: I saw yesterday that the older brother XX had a chat with the police general, it seems that all the things that was reported by someone(about VI's club) will be solved.
● VI: What did they say in the chat?
● Kim, XX: Other stores (competitive clubs) took the photos(of the VI's club) , but the chief of the police knows others were just jealous and he will take care everything. So, not to worry.

※ It is the topic that there was corruption of “the chief of the Police” in response to the investigation of illegal activities by the VI's club. .

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