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Mar 25, 2019, The BIGBANG VI affair jumps to the Japanese ramen business. .
● A Japanese-style ramen business "VI's Goddess of Aori" opened in Korea etc. Currently, 44 stores in Korea and 7 stores overseas.
● Since the "Banning Sun case", sales decreased by 70% from 30% before the case.
● VI promises to return franchise fees to franchise stores.

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Mar 25, 2019, Valencia's new owner: Kim Lim, daughter of Singaporean businessman Peter Lim, against the claims of "sex entertainment no" by BIGBANG VI (Sunli). Mr. Kim "The lie of VI".

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Mar 24, 2019, 【Literal translation of full text】 BIGBANG VI confesses the feelings for the deep-seated news program "I want to know it" of broadcasting station SBS.
● I am not in a position to speak at this time, but I think this is a crime that has been ignited by a crime.
● They leak information of personal cell-phone without permission, wrap it when it is public interest information offer and synchronize public opinion,
● An anonymous lawyer interviews ‪ “The person provided information to the public interest committee,” and the public interest committee is a place where the information provider comes out and interviews while protecting the information provider. 。
● And the entertainment division's reporter appeared in the main news of SBS, the source of the material is not revealed exactly, the fact that there is no confirmation for the rise of the person reported, ‬
‪● Because we belong to a company, they know that we can not say freely that it is proper when it is proper to the media, or it is differ when it is different to the media. To some extent, I think that it has been abused. ‬

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Mar 24, 2019, "Police uniform" published on the homepage of "A costume lender", which says that BIGBANG VI has borrowed "police uniform" for Halloween. There are various types, but the rental fee for uniforms similar to the photos published by VI is 66,000 won (approximately 6,600 yen). . .

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Mar 23, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI, "Police Uniform" photo of 2014 was admiring of actress JUN JI HYOON.
● In 2014, after a car overturn accident, during a lawsuit with "reported drunk driving" and "defamation" reporters.
● VI put a photo of "Police uniform" on his SNS.
● In this affair, allegations were made that "VI tried to appeal the intimate relationship with the police to the other party?" In other words, interpretation as "evidence of police adhesion".

※ Explain the process in today's interview. The following is a direct translation of the VI interview.

● "Police uniform" was borrowed from "A costumer". Even if you look only at the website, you can see that it sells and rents "police uniforms" and "firefighter clothes, etc.".
● I chose “Police Uniform” because I watched the movie “I introduce my girl friend” (a sequel to “The Bizarre Girl”) starring actress JUN JI HYOON.
● There is a scene where actress JUN JI HYOON and actor Jang Hyuk put on (police) uniform.
● I watched it and wanted to wear a police uniform someday. So at the time of Hallowin, I borrowed it.
● I was hospitalized for three months after the traffic accident at that time. After discharge, everything that I did was eating in the police uniform.
● The reason I deleted the photo from SNS recently is because I've been deceived

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Mar 23, 2019, BIGBANG VI vs. Korean media, full confrontation in "Police uniform" photo.
● In today's interview, VI explained that "Police Uniform", which has been said to be evidence of "Police adhesion" , was borrowed from "A costume lender".
● On Yoon, who was called “Police General” in the group chat, VI met him four times with a referral from Mr. Yu (a husband of actress Park Han Byeol) in 2017. VI heard that he was working for the presidential office "blue house" and explained that VI did not even know that he was in the police department.
● In 2014, VI posted "Police Uniform" photos on its own SNS.

※ The media immediately interviewed "A costume rental shop" and reported the reply to "Do you ever rent a police uniform to VI?"

"VI has never come here. I have never met him." "Special uniforms can not be rented to the general public. They can be rented only for film and TV series photography." "In that case, Certificates are necessary. For example, identification cards and movie scenarios, etc. " "Even if you are a celebrity, individuals can not borrow special uniforms, using for a party, etc." "Especially police uniforms are difficult to handle for crime prevention" "Name tags are not included in the loan set "

※ Even if the media coverage is 100% correct, the possibility of having a third party lending police uniforms for the purpose of filming, adding a name tag for filming, and lending it to VI for commemorative photography, remains. .

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Mar 23, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI, the part mentioned in the interview about "Golden phone" Jung Joon Young and FTISLAND Choi Jong Hun.

■ What do you think of Jung Joon Young's sexual intercourse video and distribution?
● I was stopping the spread of Jung Joon Young. When I met him, I said, "Don't do that. It will be a big problem."

■ Did you know the history of drunk driving "Erase" of FTISLAND Choi Jong Hoon?
● After being arrested for drunk driving, Choi Jong Hoon called Mr. Yu (Co-founder of YURI Holdings with V.I) to inform the situation. Mr. Yu called me to tell the situation. I heard that Choi Jong-hoon's manager asked to be investigated at dawn when there were no reporter in police station. It seems that he believed that it was processed by Mr. Yu. It looks like he said, "Because I struggled, I will do my best. I also spent a lot of money."

■ What do you want to say the most, now?
● I hope the progress and results of the investigation will be carried out calmly. It would be appreciated if the people could control their anger and keep their eyes calm until the results of the investigation came out.

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Mar 23, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI solves allegations such as "prostitution mediation", "drug use", "tax evasion". Part 3

■ The club representative got a drug positive result, did you know?
● Hearing the rumor that representative Lee Mun-ho was using drugs, I asked him several times, but he said that he did not do anything. I was surprised to hear the test result of "positive".

■ Did you show up well in the club?
● Everything in the club and doing was DJ once a week.

■ What about the club's alleged tax evasion?
● I think that I am also a victim about alleged tax evasion as a shareholder .

■ There is a suspicion of prostitution..
● I liked "party culture" and liked to collect and play men and women. Also at the birthday party, I asked the sisters of acquaintances and younger girls to "Let's play together".

■ How can you explain the prostitution suspicion for foreign investors revealed by the contents of "KakaoTalk" group chat?
● I really do not remember the content of the chat. I can't believe it.

■ When it was first reported, why did you make an official announcement that "the chat content has been manipulated"?
● I thought there was a possibility of making a net. It is embarrassing to believe why I sent the message "A girl who gives well". Just calling a girl who plays with foreign investors is not a prostitute.

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Mar 23, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI solves allegations such as "prostitution mediation", "drug use", "tax evasion". Part 2

■ How related to club management?
● Representative Lee Mun-ho made use of his experience to hire staff, design the club, sales system, and concept. Among the businesses I have invested in, I actually did the Japanese ramen business, but since "Burning Sun" is a play business, it was not easy to actually operate. I was related as a "face".

■ Was it really just a "face"?
● I lent only my name and invested 10 million won (approx. US$10,000) through YURI Holdings. The club owners didn't think I would attend.

■ There is a suspicion of minors' entrance and drug use in the club "Burning Sun", did you not know?
● I have never received reports on what happened at the club or incidents. My friend told me later the rumor.

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Mar 23, 2019, BIGBANG VI unveils allegations of prostitutional mediation, drug use and tax evasion. .

■ What is your present condition?
● I am ashamed of myself. It was a mistake that I was involved in an inappropriate business (Burning Sun business) as a public figure.

■ What is the reason for this interview?
● To be honest, I do not think that I am in a situation in which I complain or insist on my position. However, I thought that the content of the current news is far from the fact that I know.

■ Why did you relate to the club "Burning Sun"?
● The current representative, Lee Mun-ho, has experience of working as MD in the famous club "ARENA" and he proposed to me the business. I enjoyed DJs and clubs in a club that attracts young customers. I thought that there would be no problem because the hotel managed the club and I was involved in the project.

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