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Jun 25, 2018, On the YG side, "G-DRAGON (BIGBANG)'s first report is malicious, not preferential, there is no colonel chamber at the hospital, he was hospitalized according to normal procedures and standards."

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Jun 25, 2018, 【G Official】 Updated BIGBANG VI, SNS. Yes my solo album coming out soon.

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Jun 25, 2018, South Korea's Ministry of Defense announced Official against BIGBANG GD's "preferential privilege" during enlistment.
● About the allegation of the preference of Kwon Ji-yeon soldier is currently "being confirmed" ● If the department of the relevant military hospital is clearly divided in "colonelist" etc., if it is separated, what standards are Whether there is, confirmation is necessary once.
● Confirm the details in the categories of the hospital room and confirm whether there was a reasonable reason for allocating the hospital room. .

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Jun 25, 2018, BIGBANG GD, what is the "Preferential" content claimed by the Korean media?
● There is no problem that GD who had disease on ankle before enlisting is admitted to military hospital after enlisting.
● 4 times or more, outside the troops to treat at the Army Hospital. Approximately 20 days of hospital admission is no problem at the discretion of a doctor in the army.
※ The following is reported as "Preferential".
● It is impossible to explain that "first-class soldiers" are admitted to the "chief (colonel) room" except "preferential".
● As a rule of a military hospital, the hospital room visit to general soldiers is from 11 o'clock to 17 o'clock. However, the official of the management office "YG" reported that he visited the military hospital after 17 o'clock.

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Jun 25, 2018, BIGBANG GD who is in the military enlistment, bashing in Korean coverage of "preferential prejudice". .
● February 27, enlisted.
● On April 5th, I completed a training place.
● Diagnosis of "ankle instability" at the National Army Hospital for the first time in May.
● May 17, "Ankle injury" After surgery, return to the unit.
● On June 19th, I was hospitalized in a military hospital. He will be discharged on June 28 and will return to the troops.
* Currently, the hospitalization room during hospitalization is "for the colonel" and the Korean press is bashing.

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Jun 25, 2018, BIGBANG G-DRAGON, "In hospital for military hospital since June 19" reported. .

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Jun 25, 2018, 【G Official】 BIG BANG VI, SNS update. "Bigbang 9th anniversary of Japanese debut. Thank you to all Japanese fans, I'd like to see you with a five member BigBang soon. I will always love you."

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Jun 22, 2018, BIGBANG VI, Chanel · Paris - Hamburg Kobo collection pop-up store attended the open ceremony.

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Jun 22, 2018, 【G Official】 BIG BANG VI, the first solo concert "thegreatseungritour" tickets are delivered himself.

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Jun 22, 2018, 【G Official】 BIG BANG VI, suspicion of son of downtown Hamada? It looks alike?

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