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May 24, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI, "The reason for prostitution is preparation for entertainment to Japanese entrepreneurs" is reported in Korea.
● VI's co-worker Yu (husband of actress Park Han Byeul) called two prostitute women on December 23, 2015, to VI's home.
● The woman's statement was “When I went to the address specified by Madam, there were VI and Mr. Yu. We received a choice one by one and entered each room.”
● Yu said in a police investigation, "I called in order to try first how is prostitution women to be sent to a group of Japanese entrepreneur the after day (Christmas party day), ."
● VI denies prostitution in police investigations. However, he admitted the prostitution at the time of the substantive examination of the detention warrant.
● In fact, among the ten prostitutes who were sent to the room of a Japanese entrepreneurs the day after, the women who prostituted at VI's home were also included.

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May 21, 2019, TOP (BIGBANG), convened on July 8th. Advance from the original August. . .

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May 19, 2019, BIGBANG VI, coverage of "prostitution recognition". "Honesty" is the reason for the return of a detention warrant?
Korean news "Channel A" is reported in the press. ● At the time of the court examination of the warrant in the court, in front of the judge, "It is no doubt that it is sex trading that made a sexual relationship by paying money to women."
● The police said that although there was a sexual relationship but they were not prostitution, it was not possible to admit the allegations of sex trading as an entertainer
※ Among the four suspicions, two were accepted.
● Food hygiene law violation: recognition ● prostitution: recognition ● sex trading ARRANGING: denial ● EMBEZZLEMENT: denial

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May 16, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI, enlistment is not "June 25".
● “Medical Agency” announces its position on joining VI.
● “VI does not have to join the company by June 25”
"If this period has passed, only VI has been postponed by June 25 and will notify VI of a new day of enlistment"
● “VI must decide whether to enlist in the notified enlistment day or to defer enlistment again”
"We can not clarify the relationship between the prosecution of VI and enlistment"

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May 16, 2019, BIGBANG VI, "Training for 24 hours after release from Police" is Hot Topic. .
● Last night, he was witnessed going in and out of the gymnasium for “Jujutsu” practice.
● Reactions are extremely separated when posted in the mass media.
● The reactions from Korea are "He is a BIG and BANG entertainer." "I want you to be aware of public opinion" "because he has not been decided as crime." "Should he be criticized for going out for sports?" "150 policeman had been investigating him in the 100 days. He was investigated in police station 18 times." "Innocent people might be also sinners, considering the the scale of this investigation"

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May 16, 2019, BIGBANG VI "BURNING SUN" case, first accused of Mr. Kim, accused of "sexual harassment", "beating" and "disruption of business". .
Assaulted in the club "BURNING SUN" and reported to the police.
● Even though the victim had intended, he was taken to the Gangnam Police Station and treated as a perpetrator.
● Personally investigate "Police adhesion" and "Drugs" for two months, and "Revenge." .

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May 15, 2019, Korean police do not "reapply" detention warrants against BIGBANG VI. .
Seoul Local police agency today, press conference.
● "Respect the court's decision" "I failed to secure the two persons, but the investigation has almost reached the end" "I think that there is no problem in the future investigation"
● "We have not investigated closely the reasons for dismissal of warrants," "It is difficult to reapply at this moment."

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May 15, 2019, BIGBANG VI, a judge who "rejected" the arrest is a Hot Topic.
●He graduated Seoul National University “Department of Business Administration”, and passed legal examination. Judge since 2000.
● The tendency to strictly judge detainment requirements such as "fear of escape or destruction of evidence".
● As related to the BURNING SUN case, the Chinese woman MD “Ena” had dismissed a detention warrant.
※ Immediately, from the Korean media, received the nickname of “rejection fairy”.

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May 14, 2019, [Commentary] BIGBANG VI, the future. .
● This time, VI had been applied for warrants for four charges. Among them, there was generally only one case where there could have been "detention". The suspicion of "EMBEZZLEMENT" was it.
● The court found that "there is room for dispute" against the alleged "EMBEZZLEMENT", "We can not recognize the necessity and appropriateness of the detention against the suspect at this stage, we reject the request. .
‪ ● There is an atmosphere that has already been decided strangely in public opinion trials, so this case does not end easily. .
‪ ● The police will continue to conduct reinforcement investigations without restraint, and in the near future, there is a possibility that the prosecutors may request a warrant again. .

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May 14, 2019, [Literal Translation] BIGBANG VI (Sungri), the reason for the first round "winning" against Korean prosecutors. The continuation of the judgment of the court. .
● “The relationship with the rest of the alleged part is in light of the content of the alleged content and degree of secrecy, the extent of involvement of the suspect, the circumstances of the investigation including the suspect's interrogation and the evidence materials collected so far, etc. It is difficult to recognize such reasons for detention. .

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