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[Translation] BIGBANG former member VI, the contents of what is supposed to be a chat of "prostitution media" with a certain entrepreneur.
● VI: President, what style is good for women?
■ Business person: Hmm, Southeast Asian men like white skin. Pure white skin or oppositely sexy type ...
● VI: How many people are you thinking about?
■ Business person: w enough for two people w
● VI: You should look first before going to Indonesia, but how much of a guarantee do you have in mind?
■ Business person: Month? Or once? (conditions)
● VI: Indonesia only (condition to take with).
■ Businessmen: 2 nights or 3 nights. Less than 10 million won...
● VI: I understand. It is 10 million won per person, right? Representative?

● VI: How about the above 4 people?
■ Businessmen: Who sees VI?
● VI: No. 1 is silent and likes money. It's not attractive when it comes to alcohol, but looks good. The third looks good, and also good to drink with.
● VI: It looks like the third one is motivated.

※ Can they say that this is evidence of a prostitutional move?

Published : Mar 15, 2019 00:20 KSTvia SNS

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