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Burst of JYJ Yuchun. "Management office vs fiancee", which is a lie?

※ History of the past.

* Joined the army in August 2015.
* After basic military training, serving as a social service staff at Seoul's "Gangnam Ward Office" (KANG NAM ward office). Because of asthma. Working from home.
* In June 2016, complaints of "sexual assault" from women working in clubs. Thereafter, a total of 4 women name the victims. All police investigation results, "No suspicion".
* False charges against female false complaints with "declaration". The first woman sentenced to "imprisonment two years".
* Heavy love coverage with Ms. Hwang Hana, granddaughter of the founder of "Nanyang dairy" in April 2017. Both of them acknowledge and announce marriage in September.

※Management office did not know it.

* August, the troops are discharged
* Cancel the planned wedding in September.
* Fan Meeting 'Reunion' was held in Japan in March 2018. Mentioning the fiancé's SNS and it's a topic.

※ At the timing of this March 11, it is not "breakthrough"!

* April, Japan tour "Fan Meeting and Mini Concert" tour "Reunion 2nd Story" announced.
* In May, "May Reunion 2nd Story" in May is postponed after June.
* On May 15th, management office announced "Separation".
* On 16th May, fiancées refuted. "It's all a lie."
* Schedule of "Reunion 2nd Story" in Nagoya, Japan on June 2.
* To celebrate the birthday of June 4, plan of Korean Fan Meeting.

※ We should know the truth until June 2nd, or until June 4th. .

Published : May 16, 2018 14:40 KSTvia SNS

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