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Jul 01, 2019, [Official mbm] WANNA ONE former member AB6IX Lee Dae Hwi, "Is it like Kim SooHyun senior?" Weekly Idol

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Feb 12, 2019, IZONE MIYAWAKI SAKURA, variety teaser edited the subject.
● Appearance in the pilot program "Minna no Kita" at the end of last year ● Great response in appearance of MIYAWAKI SAKURA. From February 24th this year regular formation ● wait for the appearance of Min Min Jun (TV Series "Star came from you" actor Kim · SooHyun's name)?
※ What is a pilot program? Before the regular formation, broadcasting programs to do in the non-genuine state to test the appearance and the format of the program format

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Jun 29, 2018, PRODUCE 101 former member Kim Jun-aa, management office "MUSIC K" left the company. .
● Sister of a disagreement of actor Kim Soo Hyun.
● During the contract period, leaving the company with a moderate agreement.
● September 2016 solo debut with "Summer Dream".
● Participated in OST such as TV Series "Hanabi".
● Music variety variety is also talked about "Fantastic Duo".

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Jun 27, 2018, Actor Kim Soo Hyun, ranked 38th in "100 ASIAN HEART THROB 2018" announcement. .
● literally translating to "100 Asians who make your heart pound."

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May 04, 2018, Actor Kim · Kim SooHyun,Junior's attitude required in South Korea, "Confucian Country".
* Baeksan Art Grand Prize in 2014
* The commemorative photography time after the commemoration ceremony.
* Quick back step towards the far side of the stage. .

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Jan 30, 2018, Actor Kim SooHyun, has released a previously-unreleased photo at the military training center.

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Dec 03, 2017, Actor Kim · Kim SooHyun, appearance in the army released. Mr. New recruit, the direction of the muzzle is dangerous. .

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Nov 02, 2017, 【Korea CM】 Kim · Kim SooHyun (Kim Soo-hyun) All Tour (Modetour) CF

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Oct 30, 2017, Kim SooHyun, appearance in training has been released.

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Oct 23, 2017, The entry site of actor Kim SooHyun. There were dozens of fans rushed to send him off, but he didn't greet them and quietly entered into the active service. Paju (Puju) Advance Recruitment Education Corps.

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