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Oct 22, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, New post.

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Oct 20, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, beautiful.

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Oct 19, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, Aoi.

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Oct 16, 2019, [End of full text] A sentence written on SNS after interviewing actor Yu A In and the late SULLI. Literal Translation. The last part of the full text.

It is a way to remember SULLI, stop for a while in people gathered to recall Jinri (SULLI's real name), and return home.

When asked to be obscene people, I asked adults who hated them hatefully in their minds, and those who had the power to change the world.

Please do not fall into skepticism. Don't give up the world.

I held my hand to bother how we must resolve the sadness we have now.

Over time, the sun will rise again. You will get into secular life.

But why yesterday and tomorrow are not the same.
If what existed disappeared, what did not exist may appear LUDA.

The world must change. Change LUDA.

I am sorry for the worries of my loved ones, and I will tell you what I had secretly sent to (SNS).

Do n't fight, do n't blame.

Let's use the Jinri (truth) that SULLI told us.

Please reach out to everyone. There is no doubt. Not hatred. It is neither disgust nor grudge. Must be love. I have to become love. Isn't it a heart for everyone?

October 16, 2019

I ask. Please. No one is wrong. No one is doing wrong.

We are all in the midst of having the best of all. By all means, don't blame people, do not regret it, and reflect on it.

Then reach out again, open your heart, heal each other and join together.

From now on, don't waste the name of SULLI who can't meet again. I love you.

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Oct 16, 2019, [Full text of Literal Translation] (Continued) A memorial to actor Yu A In and the late SULLI.

Still, she was the owner of a beautiful and transparent soul who had no choice but to use the mask of the unknown author "SULLI".

SULLI lived like that, just as everyone lives as a person with a name in his hand.

On the other hand, he took out the courage that nobody had and lived a great life.

I sometimes deceived her. I was a mass hiding behind her. It was easy to be popular.

I was on a tightrope at a certain boundary where she went back and forth, but I left her alone on the cliff.

I imagined its existence, misunderstood, and judged.

I never doubted myself but I was so obscene.

She has no reason to be treated as a patient or hero.

Neither her qualification nor the name SULLI is her all.
Jinri, and beyond that name. A person who practiced resistance to freedom throughout his life.

And Jinli's truth that should be 300 million times more than I know. Her heart.

Is it true? While watching some articles that are not corpses on the screen, I am on my own. Write yourself. On the screen, on the screen.

October 14, 2019 (* SULLI's death date)

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Oct 16, 2019, [Literal Translation] Actor Yu A In celebrates the late SULLI with SNS. Below is the full-text Literal Translation.

SULLI died. Her real name is Jinri, Choi Jinri.

I had experience working with her on several occasions, and was one of the hardest performing arts friends who called her “SULLI” instead of her “Jinli”.

She was an “icon”. Some people shaved her down and complained, but I felt she was a hero.

A new, new generation icon that boldly expresses personal freedom and freedom of expression.

With an unpleasant antique smell, I am a victorious gamer (her girlfriend) who happily kicked past ethics, and an angel who came to rescue a lamb who scrambled between interference and self-censorship.
I just loved her.

Her attitude of refusing to wear uncharacteristic masks, not only for smiling like an angel, but also for the seats of a brand event.

I liked the dignity that raised my hands without fear and posed on my waist, a mass of controversy.

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Oct 16, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In remembering SULLI on SNS.
● SULLI died. Her real name is “Jinli”, “Che Jinli”. I had the experience of working with her on several occasions, and was one of the hardest performing arts friends who called her “SULLI” instead of “Jinli”. ⠀

she is....

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Oct 14, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, folk pioneer professor Yun Insk attended the opening event of Mt. After the introduction to Western music, the teacher began to use folk vocal music for the time of studying in Berlin and the call and persuasion of Dr. Ikuo.

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Oct 14, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, UNINHABITED ISLAND

fassionmag Vol.2
Editor in chief raymondchae

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Oct 13, 2019, [G Official] Actor Yu A In, 🧟♂️🕺🤳.

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