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Jun 10, 2019, The Choi Jin Sil's daughter Choi Jun-hee, "Self Wedding Photos" is a Hot Topic. .
● The daughter between the .er who was “the queen of CM” and the late Jo Sunmin who was the Yomiuri Giants.
● The hot topic was the SNS where my grand.er opposed the appearance of "Idol School" and it was Hot Topic.
-Recently, "wedding photo" published with social partners, "There is nothing more precious than love" in SNS in Japanese.

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Feb 12, 2019, Late Choi Jin Sil's daughter Juni reveals that he is fighting with systemic lupus erythematosus.
Systemic lupus erythematosus is one of autoimmune diseases in which my immune system erroneously attacks his normal cells. Illness that causes inflammation and tissue damage in various organs of the whole body.

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Oct 03, 2018, 【Official sbe】 Star in the star loved by the Republic of Korea Choi Jin Sil 10 Anniversary _ "authentic entertainment midnight" 8 1st 2018 1002

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Oct 02, 2018, Actress · late Choi · Jin Sir, actress who is a legal act today, a family history of "wildness".
● Korean actress born in 1968. In the 1990's, Queen of Korean trendy drama, Queen CM. Remember the poor childhood, even after a great success in the entertainment world, it is famous as "savings king".
● In December 2000, they got married to electric shock with professional baseball player Cho Sung Min who was active as a giant pitcher in Japan. As a then-unusual wife's 5-year-old sister and older couple. I will send my newlyweds in Japan.
● Husband Jo Sung Min retired the Yomiuri Giants at the end of the 2002 season. Although the start in the giants was good, although he lived in Korea as a "large unfinished instrument" due to injury etc., he abandoned in violent affair.
● At that time, I started a Korean chain store business of puff-cream "Beard-Papa" which was popular in Japan, but later failed.
● In August 2004, arrested for violence against wife Choi Jin-sil, delayed prosecution and released.
● Divorced in September 2004. The childcare rights of the two children to the wife's side because the DV was on a daily basis.
● On October 2, 2008, Choi Jin-sil was committed suicide in his Shahwa room. He is 39 years old. Besides the troubles after divorce, I lent 2.5 billion won to my colleague celebrities, I was suffering from slander slander that they are running lending business behind the scenes.
● In August 2009, the remains of late Choi Jin-sil was stolen from the bone-facility. The culprit was arrested three weeks later by CCTV and fingerprints, and the remains were repatriated. "The actress Choi Jin-sir appeared in a dream, and the crime committee said that she was asked to stay in the soil, not the bone-bowl facility." Until it was arrested, there were no intimidation such as money demands on the bereaved family.
● On March 29, 2010, Choi Jin-sil's youngest brother, singer "SKY" Choi Jin Youn suicide in the third floor room at home. He is 39 years old. Before that, former manager of real sister Choi Jin-sil died in the murder case. I was worried for a long time about the speculation of the world that I handed the crime to help an older sister who was suffering from intimidation.
● In January 2013, a former husband Cho Sung-min committed suicide at home and was found by a friend. He is 39 years old. I was troubled with debt and the problems of two children's grandmother and parenting authority. He was suffering from the criticism of the world that he was trying to take over the children for the heritage of the former wife.
● After their suicide by their parents and uncles, SNS who hinted at the harm of the eldest daughter Choi Jin-sil who had appeared on TV programs with her grandmother became a topic. Confession of DV from grandmother on SNS. After that, I volunteered for the appearance at the program "Idol school" and passed the first degree but I am frustrated by my grandmother's opposition. When a story with grandmother became a topic, there was a report that asserted that other students were bullyed at the school that passed.

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Oct 02, 2018, Choi Jin Sil's son Fany and her daughter Juni, attended the mother's 10th anniversary of memorial service and memorial service.

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Oct 02, 2017, The late Choi Jin Sil's 9th memorial​​anniversary. Her daughter Choi Jun-hee updated SNS. "2017/10/2 Mama, Hi!" "Mom, listen, I wanted to be a cool woman." "I thought about doing everything so hard." "But the world makes me lonely. There is nothing going as I planned. "" Can I be happy someday? "

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Aug 15, 2017, Late Choi Jin Sil's daughter, recently released. Today, only one photo without explanation to SNS.

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Aug 09, 2017, Actress (late) Choi Jin Sil's daughter Jun-hee was hospitalized for psychological treatment due to abuse from her grandmother. Korean media coverage.

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Aug 09, 2017, Choi Jun-hee, the daughter of actress Choi Jin Sil, finished police investigation on suspicion of police investigation on suspicion of abuse from grandmother on the 9th. "We talked about all about abuse."

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Aug 07, 2017, Daughter Choi Jun-hee, Choi Jin Sil's daughter who confessed abuses from her grandmother, to hospitalize soon ... judged that stability is necessary. Korean media coverage.

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