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Jun 20, 2019, Hot Topic is the "decisive difference" between Japan and Korea romance seen by actor Gong Yoo.
● In Korea, there is "Ahead" until "Head Nadenade".
● However, there is no “head pompon”. .
● “Head pompon” in Korea is an act that loves children. It is forbidden in love! .

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May 10, 2019, INFINITE Songye's cousin, "a big controversy" in the president interview.
● Today is the president's second anniversary. Last night, KBS female reporter Song Hyun Jung, who is known as “Korean NHK,” interviewed the president in a live broadcast with the president.
● Interviewers interviewed Sung unexpectedly caught up with the president with expressions such as “dictator” and “economic misstep” or cut off the president's words while frowning.
● A controversy among the viewers "outrage to the president" vs. "natural work as a reporter" broke out.
● After one day, the ruling party "will respect the president". Opposition parties are intensifying controversy, saying that "KBS was not dead."
● Actor Gong Yoo starring movie "Togani" The original novelist famous author and the mayor of Busan also participate in the dispute ※ In 2015, INFINITE Songgyu is a variety "KBS Song Hyun Jung is a cousin's daughter" paternal daughter of the aunt " It was clear.
※ "We have been in office for two years KBS Special Feature Interview-Ask the President"

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Mar 26, 2019, JYP leaving and reporting Miss A former member Suzy, a private contract with the management service? If realized, to the actor Jung Do Yeong and Gong Yoo and office associates. . .

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Mar 14, 2019, [Korea CM] Actor Gong Yoo, TERRA CF released.

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Mar 07, 2019, 【Korean CM】 Actor Gong Yoo, CM released. epigram

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Jan 25, 2019, Actor Gong Yoo, THE BODY SHOP (The Body Shop) Appears on Flagship Shop / Photo Wall.

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Jan 18, 2019, Actor Gong Yoo, "KANU Signature Exhibition Docent Tour" is held with east-west food "KANU Signature".

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Jan 17, 2019, Actor Gong Yoo, released pictures. BAZAAR. .

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Jan 11, 2019, 【Korean CM】: Actors Gong Yoo, coway CF #6 released.

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Dec 16, 2018, A novel called "The Bible of Korean Feminist" is a Japanese version of "Kim Ji Young, Born in 82". Reading appreciation sentences are topics in Korea. .
※ Reaction in Korea
● This book, no doubt you can communicate in Japan ● Actors Gong Yoo and RED VELVET Irene in Japan are re-attention
● The female human rights of Korea and Japan are also severe
● Japanese men, sorry. From now on, the society in Japan falls into chaos. . I want to say sorry as a Korean

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